About Capoeira

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art where fighting techniques are combined with acrobatics, dance and Capoeira is played by boys, girls, students, working people, young, old, you name it.

A training always starts with a good warm-up and special stretching. When all the muscles are warm and loose, then starts the practice of the fight and dance techniques. From beautiful round kicks to straight targeted direct kicks. WatisCapoeiraFrom acrobatic cartwheels to flowing close to the ground movements.
And there are also special takedown and submission techniques. After a few classes you would see that your reflexes have gotten faster and your body a more flexible. Everything you learn in the training can be applied in the roda (Capoeira circle). The Capoeira roda is a circle of people singing, clapping and making music. In the roda, two Capoerista (Capoeira players) show their skills.

To play in the roda you will come to understand the game. For an outsider, the game looks very beautiful and sometimes they compare it to breakdance. The kicks go flying by each other, acrobatic movements are done in between, very spectacular. But be aware!!! Capoeira is a real martial art. Every kick is done with the power and precision where the opponent try to evade the kicks. A Capoerista is very sly. He/she knows most of the time to trick their opponent with an unexpected action, thus making their opponent lose their balance /focus like a vulnerable prey People singing and clapping, the sound of drums and other musical instruments make the Capoeira game so exciting and energetic.

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