Aluno Medico

What is your name?

My name is Karel Sint Jago

What is your apelido(if applicable) and Why?

My apelido is Medico. During my 3rd class after instrutor got injured and was bleeding beneath his foot, I reacted immediately and took care of his wound and afterwords cleaning up the floor of his blood, I guess my adrenaline rush and instinct as a male nurse kicked in at the sight of blood.medico1

When did you start Capoeira?

I Started Capoeira in october 2014

Tell us a bit about you and Capoeira (short Capoeira biography):

I love martial arts, I have practiced aikido, Brazilian Juijitsu and never thought i would train Capoeira. All seems impossible by doing Aú, but its all in the head. As my instructor use to say: “nobody has born with a driving license” which have encourage me by breaking all mental-barrier of can’t into do it and enjoy it. On the other hand it is a great stress reliever after a hard day of work.

medico2What makes you want to come to class every time?

It just feels like home, you can dance, sing and practice some hardcore moves. As i said earlier after a hard day of work managing and leading a unit in nursery, all the stress just vanish. Besides we are a family.

What are your personal expectations for you within Capoeira?

To get to know my body more and feel the connection of body, mind and soul. Practice to perfection with no limit. In other words i want to be a good capoeirista.