Aluno Coisa

Did you know Coisa / Quentin?

What is your name?

My name is Quentin Gruning

What is your apelido(if applicable) and Why?FB_IMG_1424633745534

My apelido is Coisa, meaning “The Thing” from the Fantastic 4. This because I am big and when I play I turn red like “The Thing”

When did you start Capoeira?

I Started Capoeira in June 2014.

Tell FB_IMG_1424633693609us a bit about you and Capoeira (short Capoeira biography):

Capoeira was unknown to me. A friend of mine that practiced Capoeira told me to try it out, see if I would like it. After the first class, I was hooked. I love capoeira, it is very much different and diverse. Capoeira is just Amazing!!!

What makes you want to come to class every time?

Capoeira is amazing that is why I come to class every time, I can be myself and I and I learn new stuff
I just can’t miss a Capoeira training.

What are your personal expectations for you within Capoeira?

I want to be a great Capoerista that can execute numerous moves that we learn from our teacher(s).

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