Cord System / Graduation

To earn a cord that displays the student’s level of development, the teacher will look at more than just techniques or the amount of years in training. Each individual develops differently over the years. So don’t be surprised when students do not get the cord you thought they would get.



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White with 1 Yellow pompom

White with 2 Yellow pompom

White with 1 Orange pompom

White with 2 Orange pompom

White with 1 Red pompom

White with 2 Red pompom

White with 1 Blue pompom

White with 2 Blue pompom

White with 1 Green pompom

White with 2 Green pompom

White with 1 Purple  pompom

White with 2 Purple pompom

White with 1 Brown pompom

White with 2 Brown pompom

White-Yellow / Branca-Amarelo

WhiteOrange / BrancaLaranja

WhiteRed / BrancaVermelho

WhiteBlue / BrancaAzul

WhiteGreen / BrancaVerde

WhitePurple  / BrancaRoxa

WhiteBrown / BrancaMarrom


Grupo Capoeira Brasil uses 11 adult cords/grades that can be achieved and to become a master.

Trusting the teacher in giving his students the right cord is the same as trusting him/her in teaching at all. Many people forget that wearing a certain cord also protects the students from getting hurt by others that do not know them.

The first five cords are recognized as motivation cords and only include acquiring the basic knowledge and to control the basic techniques. Al cords from there come with a title that, that emphasizes certain responsibilities that come with these cords. The picture and table below display all cords, titles and meaning.

White / Crua or Branca:
Beginner / Iniciante

White-Yellow / Branca-Amarelo:
Student / Aluno

Yellow / Amarelo:
Student / Aluno

White-Orange / Branca-Laranja:
Aluno Student

Orange / Laranja
Student / Aluno

RedBlue / VermelhoAzul:
Intern / Estagiario
An intern position that will decide if you will continue to actual teaching positions.

Blue / Azul:
Graduated Student or Instructor / Graduado ou Instrutor
An instructor position that allows you to teach basic knowledge and techniques.

Green / Verde:
An advanced instructor position that allows you to teach more advanced knowledge and techniques.

Purple / Roxa:
A respected teacher position that allows you to teach knowledge, techniques and philosophy.

Brown / Marrom:
Formando / Contra-Mestre
A well respected teacher position that allows you to teach everything.

Black / Preta:
Formado / Mestre
A respected teacher position within the group and you are allowed to create your own legacy. The world-wide Capoeira community will decide when you will be called “Mestre”.

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