Aluno Coringuinho


What is your name?

My name is Aymar Profascoringuinho 1

What is your apelido (if applicable) and Why?

My apellido is Coringuinho meaning little joker (from batman). This because I love to joke around and I am a happy person.

When did you start Capoeira?

I Started Capoeira on the 2nd of June 2014.

Tell us a bit about you and Capoeira (short Capoeira biography):

Since I saw the movie “Only the Strong” I fell in love with Capoeira. And when the video game “Tekken” came out, the first time I played with the character called Eddy Gordo I was like……..Oooh YEAH!!!! That said, I was hooked.

What makes you want to come to class every time?conringuinho 2

Besides the friends I made, I can truly call them my Capoeira family. The energy that we bring together into the roda is amazing. And do not forget, we have a cool Instrutor too LOL.

What are your personal expectations for you within Capoeira?

First step is to be able to earn my 1st corda. Then to expand my Capoeira knowledge with history, music and instruments.

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