Estagiario Maduro


What is your name?

Gideon Maduro

What is your apelido(if applicable) and Why?

Maduro. Because that’s my last name.Maduro-Kicking-200x150

When did you start Capoeira?

I started in 1998 in Holland. I stopped for a while and began again in Curacao in 2007.

Tell us a bit about you and Capoeira (short Capoeira biography):

Maduro-Au-Sem-MaoMy first group was the Batuque group in Holland. My mestre was Vladimir Frama. The group was in it’s early stage because Vladimir had just arrived in Holland. Capoeira wasn’t that well known then, so we had to travel a lot to meet other Capoeiristas. I got to meet a lot of different people and learned a lot along the way. When I returned to Curacao I joined the group Magia do Quilombo, but that group didn’t last long. Luckily Congo returned to start our group, which I joined as soon as it began.

What makes you want to come to class every time?

Energy, energy, energy!! And the sense of camaraderie!!

What are your personal expectations for you within Capoeira?

That I keep enjoying it!