Mestre Paulao Ceara

Till 1989 –Mestre Paulão Ceará trained and gave classes in the capoeira group “Grupo Senzala”. Mestre Paulao CearaMestre-Paulao-Ceara
1989 -Founded Grupo Capoeira Brasil together with Mestre Boneco and Mestre Paulinho Sabiá. Continued with further development of capoeira from Fortaleza in Ceará Brazil. The group grew fast became one of the style provision organizations in Brazil.

1993 –Mestre Paulão moved to Europe and gave is part in defining capoeira in Europe. Mestre Paulão Ceará traint European students to become teachers, and also brought some of his Brazilian students to Europe so they can give classes across Europe. Meanwhile, Grupo Capoeira Brasil has schools in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Italie, Polan, Sweden and many more Countries. The Classes are given by students with the levels of Graudado, Instrutor, Professor, Formando and formado/mestre. All under the supervision of Mestre Paulão Ceará.

Since 1993 –Mestre Paulão has given countless workshops, TV-show appearances and demonstrations across Europe and he gets invited to numerous Capoeira festivals, batizados and other activities. Mestre Paulão also appeared in several DVDs and an instructional manual of Grupo Capoeira Brasil.

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