Aluna Simpática

What is your name?

Thania Balinge


What is your apelido (if applicable) and Why?

Simpática , because of my always friendly, nice, kind, warm, bubbly, happy and pleasant energy. I am “always” smiling, and often playing in the Roda with a smile.

When did you start Capoeira?

I started Capoeira in April 2015

Tell us a bit about you and Capoeira (short Capoeira biography):

I got introduced to Capoeira about 19 years ago by Instrutor Congo. I remember his huge enthusiasm about it, talking and demonstrating. Doing some basic gingas. It impressed me and it stayed with me for a long time, as a wish to some day also go do it. Even in the Netherlands I was thinking about starting, but never did. When I moved back to Curacao, Instrutor Congo asked me when I was finally going to stop thinking about it and just start, to check it out, and I said okay let’s do this. I got hooked, and continued the classes. However being a perfectionist, I was worried about my skills and progress, but Instrutor Congo knows how to motivate and bring you back to reality, to remain calm and just never give up on yourself. “Niun hende no a nase ku rijbewijs”, “No one is born with a driver’s license”. The flaming Axe arose during the Festival in December 2015. What an energy and group, amazing plays, amazing people. Furthermore, the Capoeira explained and philosophized by Mestre Paulao was the cherry on top. Capoeira is more than a fight, it is a game, a dance, a culture, a family. The game itself is an art, the movements are artistic, fake it with a dance, fool your opponent, with grace, smoothness, calmly and swift. With my (ballet/ latin) dancing background I could find the artistic, expressive, graceful part back in it. I can go on and on about what Capoeira means to me, but I can say, Capoeira stole my heart and it became part of me.

What makes you want to come to class every time?DSC_2386

I look forward to go to class every week, for the training to progress, to twitch and work on the techniques, to learn more about Capoeira and keep the Axe going. Ofcourse, great deal also for the social aspect, because without a good social bond, you cannot form and keep a strong Axe in the team, or within yourself. It is fun! I love my Capoeira family.



What are your personal expectations for you within Capoeira?

I hope to grow as a Capoeirista, to have more patience with myself, to progress one step at the time (Rome was not built in 1 day) and to grow as a person. Mind you that Capoeira requires more than just good techniques and skills, it also requires discipline and patience.